Brilliant Band Concert

Most people that know me and know me well, will say that I speak my mind. So when I say that for those of you unfortunates that weren’t able to attend the latest Scout and Guide Band Concert at St Mary’s Church you missed a great show; I mean you missed a great show!

The standard that the band performed that was nothing less than incredible. I last encountered the band at the jubilee weekend celebrations went to be fair they were few in number and with some very shy new members (and still performed well). Since then they are very obviously grown in confidence and water result! A much more confident performance with some really talented youngsters tackling some wide-ranging an really complex music. Well done to you all

Now for the ads: we are still on the look out for new volunteers! Not sure if a marching band is your sort of thing? Well you’ll only find out by coming along to one of our practises and having a go. Even if you think you haven’t an ounce of rhythm in your bones we are confident that we will be able to find it (that’s a money back guarantee)!

For more information contact Clive on 023 8081 1160