Chair’s Corner

August is here already and our sections, including Guides, have been or are going to various camps. I hope the weather is kind to you but maybe not as hot as we had in July.

I am pleased to say that the Carnival weekend raised a massive £9,095.35! It’s a record! The evening event was run by the families of the young people going to the World Scout Jamboree or Project 23 and this raised another £2,000 to go towards their once in a lifetime trip. It is always a lot of work to put on the carnival weekend and I can’t name all the people that made it happen but thank you and also thank you to our community who turned out to help raise funds for the group.

I’m pleased to say that the executive committee have also been doing other things for the group and HQ. Many little jobs in and around the HQ have been completed by Brian and his team of helpers. We have a better functioning Wi-Fi system now and our website is up and running although it is still in the process of being completed: the web address is There will be more information added to it in the coming months including information on our Christmas fair and dates for next year’s carnaval.

We had our fire risk survey completed and we do have some minor tasks to complete but I am pleased to say that overall our score was not too bad. These tasks, which include training, are in hand and will be completed as soon as possible. During the summer holidays we should be having a massive clear out of our HQ building. Once this is done, we can have a look at what still needs to be stored and then embark on building new storage units in the old kitchen.

The leaders are going to have a well deserved break from Scouting and Guiding and will be back on form in September!

Joy Sellwood
Chair, Executive Committee