Concert success!

In the last issue, we told you that we were hosting a summer concert for the first time, on the 14th of July. We had been planning to host a summer concert (as well as our annual Christmas one) way back in 2020, but we were finally able to fit in enough rehearsal time to be able to put one in this year- only two years late! It was a pleasure to play for members of the community in the church and the audience were full of compliments at the interval and end of the concert which was really great to hear.

Our concerts also allowed the instructors to present some awards to the band members to recognise their hard work they put in. This time it was a pleasure to present the Best Newcomer award to Rowan, having only been with us since last November. His sister Kara, also received the Most Improved award having also only joined last November and having never played their instruments previously. The Band Member of the Year award went to Hollie whose confidence has grown tremendously more recently and is now starting to shine in some lovely solo parts in some pieces. Deputy Bandmasters’ award went to Morgan for his dedication to learning to play trumpet and the practise he has been putting in at home has seen him make great strides this year. Finally the Bandmasters’ award went to Andrew for his great attitude and how much he has grown since swapping from playing trombone to the percussion section and is really shining now he has found his musical calling.

We are now on the summer break and will be returning to practises in September ready for remembrance parades and doing it all again for the Christmas concert.

Charlotte Miell