Dyak Cubs – October 2022

Our first report this month comes from Redbridge Fire Station which the pack visited at the end of September. Obviously, the biggest worry when you turn up at a fire station with a Cub pack is will the firemen be there? Thankfully they were not out on a shout and were more than happy to show the pack around. The pack were given a detailed tour of the station including, but not limited to, sitting in the back of a fire engine, seeing and lifting the tools of the trade and trying on fire men’s uniform, breathing apparatus and even using the heat sensitive camera. The highlight of the evening was a go in the training tunnels, small tight crawl spaces, which the firemen use to practice manoeuvring through collapsed buildings and the like. We’re pleased to report even some intrepid parents went through the tunnels before collecting their Cub. A huge thank-you to the team at Redbridge Fire Station not only for showing us around but also for their patience over the evening.

A week later the pack found themselves at the Guide Adventure Centre, Foxlease, in Lyndhurst. No, they have not joined Brownies however the Foxleases Centre does offer some excellent activities one of which is Bouldering. Essentially rock climbing horizontally around a room rather than vertically which means crucially you don’t need ropes and harnesses as the biggest drop is about one metre. Confident in the security of this arrangement, the pack spent an hour and half running through various time challenges and games before we handed over, what we can only assume, was a very tired and exhausted pack back to their parents.

The next weekend Dyak entered three teams into the annual Soap Box Derby at Netley Marsh. Always a hard fought fixture in the cub racing season, we’re pleased to report podium positions for Dyak B (Fin, Erin, Morgan and Charlie L) finishing pole position with a time of 87.44 seconds over three races, Dyak C (Lexi, Katie, Lottie and Flo) with an impressive time of 89.16 secs coming in a close second with Dyak A (Charlie G, Noah, Joey) finishing a respectable forth in a time of 98.74 secs. Well done all.

How can you follow the previous weeks you wonder? With a Barn Dance, with Clive Bowen providing the music and Rhys Bowen calling the moves. In a great feat of both patience and skills, it wasn’t long before the pack was whizzing around the room and dosey-doeing rather than what look like organised carnage at the start of the evening. A credit to Clive and Rhys for pulling that one out of the hat. In keeping with the theme the tired cubs enjoyed hot dogs at the end of the evening safe in the knowledge their Entertainment Badge was in the can.

Dyak Pack attended the Memorial Tea for HRH Queen Elizabeth II at the HQ on Sunday. A pleasant afternoon celebrating the late Queen and enjoying some fine scones and cakes.

Our final meeting before the mighty yellow presses rolled this month saw the Local History Society visiting the pack. The purpose of the visit was to give the pack an insight into the names on the Copythorne War Memorial, breathing life into the names, an insight into their time in the village, where they lived and ultimately how and where they died during the course of the two World Wars. This was made more poignant by each Cub reading out details about the servicemen. It was a fascinating insight into lives cut short and makes the War Memorial more emotive and close to home despite the time passed since the last name was carved upon it.

Finally, the highlight of the Halloween Season was upon us. The Dyak Cubs Halloween Sleepover. The Cubs were dropped at Busketts Lawn to hike back to the Scout HQ with their Leaders. The route is just under five miles, a pleasant stroll for some and a hike for others. The only grumble was around the halfway mark, but a quick bite to eat soon raised spirits before we set off again, arriving back at the HQ around 4pm a little damp but otherwise in fine form. Thank-you to Hayley for

volunteering as a parent helper to assist on the hike. The Cubs were given an hour or so to build their dens or coffins for the sleeping in before carving pumpkins prior to dinner – a splendid three course feast of soup, sausage and mash, and pudding, well done to Kevin for turning it out.

With the washing up done, it was time for some party games… apple bobbing time trials, Build-a-Mummy workshop followed by passing flour on plates to the person behind’s plate (harder than you would think but as messy as you would imagine) before a movie with popcorn and bed.

However, the sleep over is far from over yet, this is as much as can be written tonight. The storm clouds are gathering, a chill is in the air and all the curtains are closed – just in case. We all know what can happen at a Dyak Halloween Sleepover, you only have to look at the last one. We’ll update you next month on the night ahead, until then… mmmmmwahahahaha………………..