Meeting floats our boats

We have been meeting alternate weeks during the exams which is working well.

This week we made cardboard boat box boats… big enough to sit in and paddle around the pond at Ferny Crofts. We tried it last year for the first time and were astonished they floated. This year they were even better.

We had a very successful evening at the carnival fun run. Tom Byrne ran the race and Tom and James Sibley helped Cassie, Tishie, Lewis and Julio with the barbecue to raise funds for the unit. Thank you to everyone and well done to all the runners and Paul and Julie stubbington for organising.

Before that we had a great evening at the New Forest Water Park on the inflatables, and this year we managed to pick a sunny evening. The explorers had a fantastic time in the lake on the giant inflatables.

We have also kicked off the training for the Gambia 23 expedition with a parents evening and our first day, getting to know everyone and tips and hints for fundraising on the 25th of June. We are very excited about our three week expedition to the Gambia and about 30 young people and 10 leaders in August 2023… watch this space for updates.

Jackie Heath
Explorer leader