Plain sailing at Explorers

This month at explorers, we were sailing our boats at Ferny Crofts, we had made the hulls from polystyrene and they were powered by elastic bands and lollipop sticks. Some were a lot more successful than others and some even worked better upside down. After we had sailed our boat we walked over and had a few rounds of crazy golf which were interesting courses. Outdoor first aid followed, learning basic and more advanced first aid from getting people into the recovery position, different ways to use triangular bandages and even how to use your camp air bed to make a very effective leg splint if you had a broken leg.

The next week we took a break so the explorers had more time to revise for the exams. This week we made fire lighters from cardboard, wax, cotton wool and string. We then started fires with our fire lighters and cooked sausage and veg in a handmade tinfoil pouch.

Lewis Brown