Rounders Rout and Trek Cart Triumph

Well, we’ve arrived safely at camp, the sun is shining! The tents are up, and the scouts are all off playing volleyball; so I’ve just found five minutes to write some magazine notes.

I think the decrease in the usual amount of camping the troop do has had a positive effect, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a campsite put together so quickly! The tents were put up in record time, the mess tent and kitchen also done in the blink of an eye! The only thing that is a bit lacking is the usual biscuit of choice and a brew! More training appears to be required to some of our leaders…

I’m sat here at the moment, writing the magazine notes, watching Jamie and Dan take care of dinner, I am expecting a bit of a culinary masterpiece to be honest, after all they’ve had plenty of time to watch Mr Buckingham in action!

We have an action-packed week booked, we are off hiking, paddleboarding, sailing and canoeing as well as visiting a couple of local places of interest. There will also be a few excursions to the beach for a BBQ and a visit to a local town or two to round off the week. I just hope the good folk of Dorset are ready for Everett Troop to descend!

Moving on, one thing I never thought I would have to write in these magazine notes is the following result of an annual scouts versus parents rounders match! It is with heavy heart that I have to say that this year’s winnings go to the parents! I’m not sure what happened, there will be a stewards inquiry, the scout team captain has already tendered his resignation, the players have already been sold and a number of the fans have already surrendered their season tickets! I have to say, as a completely impartial referee (although on a number of occasions my decisions were brought into question) the parents did play a very good game! They managed to win by two rounders before time/ light stopped play.

Huge congratulations to Gethin, Jack, Andrew, Tom and Matt who secured a well earned victory in the district camping competition for this year. It was a great weekend of hard fought camping which made the Tory party leadership campaign look like child’s play! Scouts now have the opportunity to represent the troop, Stanley’s Own and New Forest District Scouts at this year’s county Emlyn camping competition in September. I think it’s fair to say we need to brush up on a few bits and pieces, but the scouts are certainly up for the challenge to take on the best in the county.

It has been a really busy last month of term with the scouts out most weekends taking part in different activities. Combined with a really busy set of troop meetings it has certainly been a fun filled time.

This month saw eleven scouts from Everett take on an immense challenge to raise money for the team going to Project 23 or the World Scout Jamboree in 2023. What these young people achieved is nothing short of spectacular, to pull an immensely heavy trek cart around the forest on one of the hottest weekends of the year is truly amazing. The team worked really hard but took everything in their stride as they pulled a 50 year old hand cart and their kit from our headquarters through to Ferny Crofts via Lyndhurst and return. Thank you so much to all those who have supported our scouts as they’ve raised over £2,500 towards their experience next year. Also a massive thanks to the support team that helped them, keeping them topped up with water and food on their epic challenge. Please take a moment to read about their experience elsewhere. I have to say the leaders of Everett were extremely proud to see those Scouts crossed the finish line (not quite sure how they have the energy to run the last 20 yards!)

The scouts took to the water again this month with a trip down Beaulieu river in canoes, a lovely afternoon saw many of the troop play water polo, collect jellyfish and try to beat the leaders in a race (they failed!) Great fun had by all, despite not actually going swimming the scouts managed to get very wet whilst paddling… Not quite sure how that happened? We are planning another trip in September (at this rate we will need to change the colour of our shirts).

As always, summer camp completes the term for Everett Troop, but we will be back in September with another fantastic programme and a load more adventures for the scouts to take part in. We have a few new faces joining us in September both in terms of scouts and leaders, if you’d like to join the adventure please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Anyway, it looks like dinner is just about to be served, scouts running toward the marquee so it’s time for me to go; the next notes will contain all the fun and games that we’ve got up to over this week’s camp so be sure to pick up the September edition.

Hope you all have a fantastic summer.

Everett leaders (writing from Dorset)