Sporting History

First, apologies for missing the print deadline last month, sometimes before you even realise it the end of the month is upon you and the mighty yellow presses wait for no one.

June (and the end of May) was very busy for Dyak Cubs, we spent two weeks on carnival prep for our float, a celebration of iconic childhood items, books, TV series and films for the noughties. The Cubs (and the leaders) dressing as characters from Star Wars (the so-called early episodes released in the noughties), Harry Potter, Shrek, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, trigger happy TV (a mobile phone), Eminem and Iron Man. Despite all the effort Dyak Cubs couldn’t hold onto their first place rosette from previous years returning a triumphant third place before joining the procession around the village.

The following three weeks remained very busy with wide games on the Common, the ever popular Capture the Flag: it seems Cubs don’t want to play anything else when given a choice, a hike through the trail at the ornamental drive, with many Cubs confident they could have climbed the tall trees had we let them and finally a first aid evening led by young leader Alex as part of his Duke of Edinburgh’s award requirements. Alex planned the whole evening himself including practical sessions, testing scenarios and a multiple choice quiz while still allowing enough time for hot dogs at the end too.

For a second hike in almost as many weeks the pack enjoyed a chip shop hike. This entailed sampling chips at three Totton chip shops, making tasting notes and voting for the best. Meeting at the Totton Fish Bar in the precinct, each Cub filled their sampling cup with chips, eating on the hoof to the Testwood Chef for the second sample, eaten sat in Totton Rec, before hot footing it to Goodies for the final sample accompanied by surprise and very welcome delivery of a chocolate cake from Mary Stubbington. At the end of the evening, the votes were counted with Goodies coming out on top. An interesting observation from the evening was that Cubs walk faster when there is food on offer… might be useful knowledge to have Dyak parents!

The penultimate meeting of term was held at New Forest Activities in Beaulieu for a spot of canoeing down the Beaulieu River. With two or three Cubs to a canoe, the Dyak flotillas set off, however as a couple of leaders elected to stay on dry land to look after their parents then we’re not entirely sure what transpired once they disappeared out of sight and earshot (which takes longer than you would imagine). All we know is that we sent 15 Cubs, four young leaders and two leaders out on the river and reassuringly the same amount returned with all but one leader and two Cubs having not fallen in the river.

Finally, the sporting event of the year was upon us. The annual Cubs versus parents rounders match. Now somewhat of a summer tradition, the Cubs were in high spirits having seen the state of the opposition this year. The parents won the toss and elected to bat first, scoring a mighty and perhaps unbeatable 49 rounders in their allotted time. The Cubs stepped up to the plate opening strongly and maintaining a steady and some might say nimble run rate, scoring an inconceivable 60 rounders taking the game yet again in favour of the Cubs. This was possibly the biggest victory since records began. The parents might need to get some practising before next year to avoid another dismal display.

With the parents put in their place, it was time to hand out more badges earned over recent weeks and give out our end of term awards. The following badges were awarded: outdoor activities, personal challenge, athletics, cyclist, nights away, paddle sports and time on the water- well done to Joey, Katie, Noah, Harrison W, Gabe, Tobias, Harrison H, Morgan, Oscar, Charlie L, Alex and Charlie G all of whom achieved one or more of those badges. As usual the Cubs Points Award was hard fought with only 100 points separating the joint second place from first place, well done Noah! The Best Six Award went to Angelica’s six with Charlie G being awarded Best Cub, congratulations.

So that wraps up Dyak Cubs for this term, as usual it’s been a whirlwind of an adventure and the Dyak leaders are already planning next terms activities, some of which we’ll give you a taste of next month. There isn’t a direct camp this summer, we decided to lay fallow for a year.

If you are aged between 8 and 10 1/2, or you know someone who is, and would like to join our adventure then please feel free to have your adult contact Kev or any of the leaders if you would like to try cabs with dayak- we meet on Tuesdays during term time between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM our details can be found on our website.

Ian Newman, Assistant section leader