Stanley’s Own Centenary band urgently need more new members, it’s official and fact.

Highlighted by its absence from this year’s carnival, the sad fact is that none of us are getting younger, and our time is taken up with other things going on in our lives to name but a couple of reasons. If we were able to increase our numbers by just 50% we wouldn’t have to rely on everyone turning out to any one event. And it does make a difference, having feet on the ground. We are quite capable of making a good sound even with just six or seven of us but when it comes to marching and looking like a band we need at least another six.

Over the past couple of years we have made repeated pleas for help and yet we still get no volunteers coming forward. Why? There seems to be no shortage of talent about! We operate on a shoestring budget, we don’t charge a fee to take part, but even this doesn’t seem to attract people, yet everyone admits it’s great to see the band and miss it when it’s not there.

Perhaps it’s a shyness thing perhaps you just don’t feel comfortable getting involved with a bunch of strangers, trust us we all felt nervous and still do on occasions, but we operate in such a way that all those fears are swept away and after the buzz you get from your first outing, we are sure you’ll want to do more.

Maybe it’s a buddy thing? No problem get a friend or two to come along with you, making evening or day of it.

We are a fun loving lot and don’t take things too seriously but we would like to continue giving pleasure to the spectators, provide support to the scouting and social calendars of the different organisations in the local community, we can only do this with your support!

So if you can spare us just one hour every other week, would like to get the occasional fresh air and exercise, meet and make new friends, benefit your local community and are over 18 give us a try.

No musical ability needed just the ability to have lots of fun, oh and we do offer free entry to some events.

To find out more please contact Clive on 02380811160.