The home of adventure and skills for life and the global standard for well over a century. Scouts are girls and boys aged 10.5 to 14 years who challenge themselves, try new things and hone their skills.

At Stanley’s Own, we have two Scout Troops: Everett on Monday evenings and King on Wednesday evenings.


Scouts take part in activities as varied as A-Z. Adventure, new opportunities, getting out into the open and really having a go. There is a multitude of camps and events spread throughout the year so there is something for everyone.

We want our Scouts to be confident, explore their interests, beliefs and attitudes and to be creative. They build upon skills they already have, or have learnt, and encourages them to use them independently. A Cub scout might go on a walk, a Scout might lead an expedition group of other scouts.

What are they getting up to?

Stag’s Head Trophy

Our first district event of 2023, took place on a cold Saturday a couple of weeks back, a team from ...
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Rounders Rout and Trek Cart Triumph

Well, we've arrived safely at camp, the sun is shining! The tents are up, and the scouts are all off ...
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Looking forward to camp

From King HQ, we hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the slightly warm weather we are having, won't be ...
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Back to winning ways

Well done to the scouts who took part in the carnival weekend, I am not sure what happened with the ...
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