Carnival 2023

WOW! What a cracking weekend… unfortunately  that is the Carnival, Rally and Copythorne 5/10k Run over for 2023 But what an amazing weekend it was!

 I hope you all don’t mind but I just wanted to comment on behalf of Stanley’s Own Scout Group.

Thank you to everybody that came and supported the event, we hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed it as much as we did? It was amazing to see so many people join us over the three days at the HQ and around the procession route and on the run yesterday…           The weekend weather was variable to say the least – blazing sun and high temperatures and a bit of rain to deal with the dust! A little too warm (I was not built for running in hot weather; or running at all for that matter😊!) but nevertheless we got through it!

It goes without saying that these events take and awful lot of planning and support; the team have spent months getting into the detail of every aspect to ensure the days went well! There are too many people to name (and I am not going to risk missing anyone but you know who you are I’m sure – the blisters, suntanned forearms and white torsos will give it away! ) but we will get to you all to personally to thank you.

I am however, going to give a shout out to a few groups of people!

To the participants from Scouting, Guiding, local clubs etc – you were amazing! The efforts you went to on your costumes and floats was brilliant – you should all be very proud. Well done to the winners of each category – hope to see you back next year to defend your title??

To the leaders & helpers of the Scouting and Guiding sections – it goes without saying that you certainly are and incredible set of individuals, your hard work and efforts throughout the year are greatly appreciated – each one of you deserve an immense amount of praise – well done to each and every one of you

To the local supporting groups – we could not have done this without you, it is wonderful to see us all pull together to land the event – thank you so much for coming up to support us, we will be on to you shortly for next year’s event 😊

To the exhibitors, be it on a stall, on a tractor, on a steam engine – you all make the weekend what it is, thank you so much for giving up your time.

To all the people who helped with road closures, cleaning up, moving equipment, and setting up/putting away – thank you all! This has really been a gargantuan effort! I know how tiring it is and can’t thank you enough.

To the Executive committee at Stanley’s Own Scout Group – unsung heroes! Thank you so much for all the hard work, you are all FAB!

To our Judges and Guests – a difficult job! how do you pick a winner form that lot?? A great job, it was a privilege to have you there for the afternoon.

To the entertainment/ evening event team/bands – thank you all, I know the hard work that goes into this and what you have to deal with – thank you all for your efforts. A great evening but lots of hard work for you guys – we will try to give you a little more notice next year!!

Copythorne 5/10K run – huge thanks to the organisers for taking on this event – it has been an immense challenge – most runners ever?? it was a huge success, thank you for the hard work you have put into this – “Scouts honour” that I will do the 10k next year Paul! I am sure I have seen a post that said you will be organising it again in 2024!

It would be great the hear your feedback on the events – I know our Carnival Chari is going to be dropping some info out but please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

As you can imagine, it won’t be long before the team start working on 2024… if you feel that you have some time to give and want to be involved, please drop me a line – any help will be gratefully received!

The Scout & Guide group are very honoured to be a part of this community, it has been a pleasure to be involved with these events as a group and long may it continue – look out for some lovely events over the next few months (just give the team a few days to recover from these one!)

 If you get this far… thanks for reading! hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, And thanks for your support as always.

Waz – Group Scout Leader – on behalf of all @ 2nd New Forest (Copythorne) Scout Group